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The Zimbabwe National Committee will begin accepting applications for September 2020 Entry (January 2021 Entry for Waterford kaMhlaba in Swaziland) as soon as the November 2019 IGCSE and ZimSec O-Level results are released.

The deadline is 5 February 2020. 

To apply, please submit:

  • A copy of the O-level results transcript (either ZimSec or IGCSE)
  • A cover letter, detailing your motivation for applying to UWC and interest in UWC ideals. Why would you like to go to UWC? What makes you a strong candidate? How do you live the UWC ideals in your own life? (at least 400 words)
  • Your biography: details about your family history and context and how this has shaped you, as well as any activities and achievements that are important to you. (at least 400 words)
  • 2 Recommendation letters from school or community leaders (can be a teacher, headmaster, pastor, sport coach, activity leader). It is a good idea to ask someone who knows you well enough to give a strong reflection of your character.
  • Contact details. It is important that you can be contacted quickly. Please leave at least two phone numbers and an email address.
  • Optional: A creative portfolio - to be included only if it strengthens the candidate's application. This is open to a variety of formats, including video, text, artwork, photography and music.


The applications can be posted/delivered to:

UWC Zimbabwe National Committee
38 Broadlands Road, P.O. Box EH 49
Emerald Hill, Harare

Or emailed to (preferred). 


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. No application materials will be returned.